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Casacoa Islands Hair Care Company


We opened our newest Fundraising Division to provide schools, churches, groups and organizations with a 100% PROFIT for your efforts!

From $400.00 to $40,000.00+

A Fundraiser with as little as 8 students/members to 800+ students/members

We CARE, so we give YOU 100% PROFIT! Our delivery time is only 7-10 days. 

Our price point is only $3.00, so anyone can participate.

Collectively we have the most FUN, EASY and LUCRATIVE Fundraiser period!

We bag and tag all the orders and you simply hand them out.

NO calculators needed. No tiers. Simply take the total dollar amount and Split the PROFIT.

Just look at the example/earnings below!!!

30 students/members sell $100.00 each and earn $1,500.00     

100 students/members sell $100.00 each / earn $5,000.00

    200 students/members sell $100.00 each / earn $10,000.00     

 300 students/members sell $100.00 each / earn $15,000.00

400 students/members sell $100.00 each / earn $20,000.00

  500 students/members sell $100.00 each / earn $25,000.00

 600 students/members sell $100.00 each / earn $30,000.00

1 student/member body of 800 that sell only $100.00 each / earn $40,000.00

Sale price is $3.00.   Fundraiser cost is only $1.50.   100% Profit !!!

Our everyday luxury lip balm flavors are: Grape, Mint, Natural, Vanilla, 

We also have a different Flavor of the Month, every month. This month (Bubble Gum).

Also great for gifts, birthdays, holidays and so much more.

Casacoa Islands makes Fundraising Simple & Fun!

We believe that no Fundraiser is too small. If you have the need/want to raise the monies, 

THEN we will HELP!

Casacoa Islands can be the Hand of Help in your community…

Lets us reward you and your group for your next Fundraising efforts!

Simply use our CONTACT US form, or email us at [email protected]